Please find below examples of the different styles of Sash Window products that we manufacture – Bespoke to customer requirements.

Also browse through and read more about the three categories of timber sash windows we provide to suit all budgets:

Site Survey?

We don’t believe in Hard Sales and none of us are Salesmen. From getting in touch we will provide a Surveyor to visit your property and talk through your initial proposed works. We will obtain measurements and give advice regarding aesthetics or any technicality we can see. We will work with you throughout the process keeping you involved on all decisions. We like communication and strive to continually keep our customers updated. We realise replacing windows is a large financial commitment and thus the service received should be top class.

Why Us?

Key Business Features:

  • Hand Crafted on the Bench the Traditional Way
  • We only use the best Materials and Timbers
  • State of the Art Glazing Technologies
  • Heritage at Heart (Our Company Values)
  • Communication – We are not going to leave you uninformed
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Made in England, London
  • We aim to relate to our customers on a personal Level.
  • Come visit our Workshop we believe in Transparency.
  • Our Fitters are aware they are working from your Home.
  • Easy Installation – Our Fitters will seek to minimise any disruption and will keep the work area clean and safe.
  • Competitive Quotations
  • We are FENSA Registered/Certified (It is Law to register your windows with the council – We do this for you).
  • We offer a Generous Insurance Backed Guarantee and Warranty.
  • Customer After Care – If there is ever a problem, we will put it right.
  • We have a large portfolio of happy customers, ask us for a reference list.

Our Design Features

Our 3 Sash Window Categories

Standard Hybrid Option

10 Year Guarantee – Timber Box Sash Window
As completely standard we manufacture Timber Sash Windows using Sapele Mahogany FSC (Hardwood Cill, Beads and any Bar-Work) with Euro Redwood FSC. This Hybrid combines exceptional durability with cost. Ensuring any components which are susceptible to weathering are made from Sapele Hardwood a very high quality/cost material which has vast durability/movement. We are also very confident in our Euro Redwood, we ensure all timber is hand picked by our joiners (Never Delivered) this ensures we receive the tightest grain possible along with cleanest (relatively knotless) straight timber lengths. The Euro Redwood is stamped with the Royal Crown to indicate its quality.


As standard we install our go to Double Glazed Glass Unit. 24mm Planitherm Comfort + / LowE Units. Make-Up 4/16/4. Argon Filled with Optiwhite Warm Edge Swisspacer Bar. Soft Coat Inner Pane. This Unit has fantastic Noise/Heat retaining properties and is the best available with a Centre Pane U Value of 1.1W/m2K. Sound Reduction Factor Rw 31 (-2; -5) dB.

  • Primed & Undercoated.
  • All standard Ironmongery Included.
  • Steel Weight Counterbalance.
  • Architrave & Bullnose Included as Standard.
  • All Interior & Exterior Making Good included as Standard.
  • Patch Plastering where required.
  • Exterior Re-pointing to brickwork where required.
  • FENSA Certificate provided

Alternative Timber Hybrid Option

10 Year Guarantee – Timber Box Sash Window

At Traditional Sash Windows Ltd – We are Experienced / Familiar with varying timber types i.e. their durability, cleanliness, how well they machine, shrink, finish etc. And if you have a timber preference this option allows our customers to combine the timbers you prefer with our standard product specification as above. Common alternative timbers we offer are: (Advice can be given on all)


  • Radiata Pine FSC
  • Grade A Siberian Larch FSC
  • Douglas Fir FSC

Premium Accoya® Option

15 Year Accoya Guarantee – Timber Box Sash Window

Accoya® is the industry’s leading timber regarding durability. Due to Acetylation the Timbers Cell structure is altered making the wood far less water absorptive. After Acetylation the Timber is kiln dried further almost charring the wood to a golden brown. Ultimately any changes the wood could have gone through naturally whilst in the elements has already happened. We are making more and more Accoya® Windows and the industries confidence is growing strongly. After 80 Years research Accoya® claim the wood is good above ground for 50 Years and 30 Years Submerged.

This option allows our customers to upgrade their windows to be made entirely from Accoya® Timber.

What is Accoya Wood?


Paint Options

As Standard all Joinery is supplied with End Grain Preservative and Primed & Undercoated with 2X Coats of Mighton/Teknos Brand – Sealer Primer.


We paint by spray application in our own custom-built spray booth. Spraying as opposed to brush application means we avoid leaving brush marks on the timber and whilst less cost-effective covers much more evenly. People are often shocked our windows are made from timber as the paintjob is left flawless.

However, we understand customers want windows with minimum maintenance and work for other trades once installed. We offer to fully paint finish windows, so our customers don’t have to. The service includes a further rub down between coats and spray applied 2x Further coats of Mighton/Teknos Brand – Micro-porous Topcoat in any RAL Colour. The finish we achieve is superb as we prepare each type of timber for spray application. What’s more we select timbers that take well to painting and the results speak for themselves. All that is left for our customers is some general decoration i.e. to Fine Finish any patch plastering and match in the Room Colour. Book a Visit to our Workshop to see for yourself.

Planitherm Comfort +


We offer a wide range of Glazing options. Our go to specification is:

24mm Planitherm Comfort + / LowE Units. Make-Up 4/16/4. Argon Filled with Optiwhite – Warm Edge Swisspacer Bar. Soft Coat Inner Pane. Centre Pane U Value of 1.1W/m2K. Sound Reduction Factor Rw 31 (-2; -5) dB.

This Unit has fantastic Noise/Heat retaining properties and is industry leading – However we understand some customers prefer a slightly thinner unit and are happy to compromise on Glass thickness.

We offer:

FENSA Compliant – We can Certify these specifications

  • 24mm Units – Make-Up: 4/16/4 U Value = 1.1W/m2K
  • 22mm Units – Make-Up: 4/14/4 U Value = 1.2W/m2K
  • 20mm Units – Make-Up: 4/12/4 U Value = 1.3W/m2K
  • 18mm Units – Make-Up: 4/10/4 U Value = 1.4W/m2K

Non FENSA Compliant

(Non-FENSA Compliant Specifications will have to be approved by Council/Building Control if wanting Certificates)

  • 16mm Units – Make-Up: 4/8/4


Designed for strict Heritage Measures Below FENSA Part L Compliance STANDARDS.
(Will have to be approved by Council/Building Control if wanting Certificates)

  • Heritage 14mm Units – Make-up: 4/6/4
  • Heritage 12mm Units – Make-up: 4/4/4

Draft Proofing


All of our Sash Window and Door ranges comes fully Draught Proofed and Sealed. They have a perimeter brush pile polypropylene stripping, discreetly contained within concealed carriers installed at the edges of our sashes and contained hidden behind the Parting Bead & Staff Beads, maximising thermal heat retention and sound insulation. The benefits of installing brush pile into our sashes means that you won’t see any brush and after time the brush can build up dirt but is a vital component of the window. Hiding them in this design means that regardless of what configuration the sashes are in you won’t see any dirty brush.

Draft Proof Brush Carrier
(Meeting Rails)


Draft Proof Brush Location
(Sash Stiles)


Dirty Brush Pile seen in the Parting Bead
(We do not manufacture brush in this Location)


The Double or Quadruple Sash Stile Brush

If your budget permits ask for us to incorporate Double or Quadruple brush into your sashes. This does add more work to the manufacturing process, however improves the glide and draft proofing capabilities of your sash windows.

The biggest comment we hear from our customers is that their home feels more solid and quieter since they had their new sash windows fitted. We love hearing this kind of feedback and whatever your brush number of choice this draft proof brush will reduce noise, draft and stop sash rattle. (Some sash stiles may only have room to accommodate Double Brush)