Timber Type is of Essential Importance to our Product

As a joinery with Nearly 40 Years of Experience in Craftmanship selecting timber type and quality comes easy to us. However, it’s important for our customers to understand the difference as well.

We consider several factors when deciding upon which Timbers to use:


  • Durability
  • Resistance to Rot (Wet Rot, Dry Rot & Fungus)
  • Straightness (We hand pick all our Timber – leaving behind non-straight knotted lengths)
  • Tightness of the Grain (Makes for a stronger wood)
  • Texture of the Grain (Important when fine finishing + helps paint bond)
  • Sustainability (We use FSC Certified Timbers)
  • Availability (Supply Can Vary)
  • Sawn Quality (Knots have been cut out of lengths)
  • Machinable (How well the timber machines – Ultimately making a neater product).
  • Cost

The common Types of Timbers we use are:

Accoya FSC

Accoya® is the industry’s leading timber regarding durability. Due to Acetylation the  Read More

Sapele Mahogany Hardwood FSC

A close second to Accoya® but very different is Sapele Hardwood a member of the Read More

Euro Oak FSC

Oak is also very dense creating great strength and hardness. The wood is very resistant  Read More

Meranti FSC

Meranti is variable in both colour and density as there are many sub-species of tree. Read More

Radiata FSC

Often Opted for as an Alternative Hybrid Option – Radiata Pine is becoming ever so Read More

Pine FSC

Examples of softwoods include pine, spruce and yew. Pinewood is the most common Read More

Siberian Larch FSC

Larch timber is a species of tree grown in harshly cold climates. The Softwood timber Read More

European Redwood FSC

The most encountered timber used in the construction of Traditional Timber Windows Read More

Western Red Cedar FSC

A soft aromatic timber usually selected for a stain finish.  The wood is non-resinous Read More

Douglas Fir FSC

A time proven durable softwood that remains popular today, however Douglas-Fir Read More

Red Grandis FSC

Red Grandis is an adaptable, firm, Hardwood timber.  It is class three durable, meaning Read More

Our Timber Options

Standard Hybrid Option (Euro Redwood & Sapele Mahogany)

10 Year Guarantee – Timber Box Sash Window

As completely standard we manufacture Timber Sash Windows using Sapele Mahogany FSC Hardwood Cill, Beads and any Bar-Work with Euro Redwood FSC. This Hybrid combines exceptional durability with cost. Ensuring any components which are susceptible to weathering are made from Sapele Hardwood a very high quality/cost material which has vast durability/movement. We are also very confident in our Euro Redwood, we ensure all timber is hand-picked by our joiners (Never Delivered) this ensures we receive the tightest grain possible along with clean (relatively knotless) straight timber lengths. The Euro Redwood is stamped with the Royal Crown to indicate its quality.


Alternative Timber Hybrid Option

10 Year Guarantee – Timber Box Sash Window

At Traditional Sash Windows Ltd – We are Experienced / Familiar with varying timber types i.e. their durability, cleanliness, how well they machine, shrink, finish etc. And if you have a timber preference this option allows our customers to combine the timbers you prefer with our standard product specification as above. Common alternative timbers we offer are: (Advice can be given on all)

  • Radiata Pine FSC
  • Grade A Larch FSC
  • Douglas Fir FSC

Premium Accoya® Option

15 Year Accoya Guarantee – Timber Box Sash Window

Accoya® is the industry’s leading timber regarding durability. Due to Acetylation the Timbers Cell structure is altered making the wood far less water absorptive. After Acetylation the Timber is kiln dried further almost charring the wood to a golden brown. Ultimately any changes the wood could have gone through naturally whilst in the elements has already happened. We are making more and more Accoya® Windows and the industries confidence is growing strongly. After 80 Years research Accoya® claim the wood is good above ground for 50 Years and 30 Years Submerged.

This option allows our customers to upgrade their windows to be made entirely from Accoya® Timber.


Premium Accoya® Video – How Accoya is Made?

Have a watch of the video below which explains exactly how it is made. The video takes you to the Accoya® plant in the Netherlands.