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Box Sash Windows vs Slide Sash Windows – Which is Best?


Box Sash Windows

If you search for the best sash window restoration in London, your search ends here.  The heritage box sash windows in London are heavy. The wear and tear of opening them up and down using the traditional weights and pulleys in a box for the counterbalance need periodic restoration.   Hence, many like you need the best sash window company in London to effectively restore sash windows with springs. But still, the traditional box sash windows are the first choice for installing new and replacing the old box sash windows.

Check out box sash windows and the difference between them and slide sash windows with springs to choose the right one for more durability and affordability.

What is a box sash window in London?

Box sash window London is a term interchangeably used in the UK for sash windows.  These traditional heavy sash windows have two framed window sashes, with one positioned in front of the other to open vertically in most London properties.  Safe movement gets help by counterbalancing traditional weights on cords and pulleys hidden inside a box within the frame to not cause any damage because of rubbing one frame over the other.  It is why you need to have the best sash window company in London to fix them to move smoothly and for sash window restoration London.

Box sash window London VS sliding sash windows with springs

Any sash window is best for your home, but it is only mechanical for the differences between the box and sliding sash windows.  There will not be many differences visually, but only with specific distinct features for the counterbalances.  While the traditional weights and pulleys maintain the box sash window counterbalance, modern slide sash windows are available with springs.  It enables the opening of the windows easily, and not much damage is caused because of its use for years.  Also, box sash windows are heavy compared to the modern slide sash windows that use springs to provide a simple mechanism for the window openings.

The best sash window restoration London

For sash window restoration in South London, only the experienced sash window companies could be the right choice.  If you choose the traditional box sash window for a heritage aesthetic appearance or the modern slide sash windows for easy use, they can help you with expert advice.  Depending on the property’s age and ability to hold the heavy box or the modern slide sash window, the best decision is not to cause any damage. Also, only they can make the spiral balances to be invisible, as it may spoil the look of the sash windows and the property.  With the special design, they can conceal the springs within the frame like the box office pulleys and weights to give the authentic look of the heritage box sash window London.


Sash window restoration in South London, unlike other window restorations, is a challenging task. And only a professional and experienced sash window company can do it to perfection by choosing the right sash windows to make your home look beautiful and have all its benefits.