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Know the Suitable Wood For the Best Timber Sash Windows London

If you want to know the suitable wood for your timber sash windows London, you are in the right place. Though modern materials like PVC, traditional aluminum, and others are available, timber is still the first choice for sash windows in London. It is because of its heritage looks and increasing the property’s value, along with its many benefits. And for double glazing repair London, you need to know the suitable wood for withstanding the heavy sashes and the counterbalance system. But to repair the double glaze, choosing the right wood is a challenging task.

Hence, check out the many types of wood for your timber sash windows to have excellent double glazing repair London and enjoy all its benefits.

The importance of choosing the suitable wood for timber sash windows London

Choosing the suitable wood affects the longevity and functionality of the sash window London directly. It is why sash windows were made of wood for centuries to have a unique look and expert functionality. Also, using wood lasts longer than PVC to be environmentally friendly. Surveys confirm that even now, homes with heritage timber sash windows in London have more value than others. Also, choosing the right window ensures excellent thermal efficiency, long-lasting durability, and timeless elegance. The factors you should consider for selecting the suitable wood depend on density or strength, splintering, knotting, sustainability, durability, color, exposure, and budget. Hence, only the best sash window company in London will help you choose the right window from the many types of wood.

Types of wood for timber sash window London

The timber comprises both hardwood and softwood from the type of tree. The hardwood comes from the deciduous trees to grow slower and denser to have a deeper color. The softwood that comes from the coniferous trees needs treatment to last even for half a century, and a few types of wood for you to choose the correct one include.

• Oak has been one of the popular choices for centuries because of its long-lasting durability and toughness.
• European Redwood sourced from sustainable plantations and available in abundance, also known as Scots Pine, is the most commonly used wood for the modern timber sash window London
• Utile Mahogany sourced sustainably from Africa has good stability and has a uniform texture suitable for sash windows.
• Accoya is a softwood treated by acetylation process for resisting rot to last for over 50 years.

The best double glazing repair London

Double glazing repair London is a challenging task involving doing it for the original sash window London. It is because of the need to maintain the authenticity of the windows and provide the best repair to have all the double-glazed window benefits. It involves repairing the wood or replacing it with suitable timber along with the counterbalance systems. It can be the modern springs or the traditional weights and pulleys to support the movement of the panes with no damages.


Repairing the two glass panes and filling the gas of sash windows need the best sash window repair company in London. You can only have the same aesthetic look to increase your property’s value and all the double glazed timber sash window London benefits.