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Know all the Best Types and Heritage Styles of Sash Window in London

sash window in south london

If you want to know the different styles of sash windows in London, you are in the right place.  Sash windows for centuries offer heritage architecture to most of the homes, offices among others.   But over the years, there has been much development in the making, glazing, and others for modern sash windows.  And the best among them is the modern double glazed sash window in south London to offer more benefits. However, you need the best sash window company in London to install new sash windows or repair the old ones without losing the traditional architecture and design.

Hence check out different types and styles of sash window London as per their sashes, frame materials, and designs to choose the right one for your home.

Types of sash window London as per the sashes


  • Box sash windows are traditional ones but are heavier and of heritage architecture than modern ones.
  • Single-hung sash windows have two sashes with the top sash fixed and the bottom sash sliding generally in London homes.
  • A double-hung sash window or hung sash window is more common in the US than in the UK, with both the sashes moving up and down in the window frame to provide additional cooling during warm weather.
  • Triple and quadruple hung sash windows London are best for buildings with tall openings like churches in New England.


Types of sash window London as per frames

Though heritage sash window London had only timber frames, the modern windows have many materials to make their frames.  The following are the types of sash windows as per their frame material.

  • PVC sash windows can emulate the wooden frames by proper painting but are available at cheaper costs, providing all the benefits effectively
  • Though expensive than PVC, aluminum sash windows can provide excellent security and durability, and easy maintenance.
  • Timber sash windows have stood the test of time with a choice of making the frames from traditional pine and oak wood along with modern red Grandis and Accoya wood to have the heritage aesthetic look and many benefits.

Different styles of sash window London

As per the heritage designs, there are three styles of sash window London to have the ancient aesthetic look for your home, which include.

  1. Georgian sash windows are commonly referred to as “six over six” because building two window units, each with six glass panes is one of the oldest originals to portray a picture of elegance.
  2. Victorian sash windows have a “two over two” design with the availability of the larger glass sheets to be the advanced version of the Georgian windows to have a single vertical glazing bar joining the two glass panes.
  3. Edwardian sash windows have a “six over two” design for opening up spaces for more light and build floor-to-ceiling windows, with the top having six glass panes of the Georgian style.


Apart from the above many types and styles, there is also a single glazed and double glazed sash window London to choose the right one for your home.  And only with the help of an experienced sash window company can you do it along with installing it perfectly to enjoy all its benefits at affordable costs.