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One of the elegant elements installed in the building and houses of the 18th and 19th centuries are Sash windows. While there was a significant decline in the usage of sash windows but with modern technology and a growing enlightening attitude towards modernization, there is a significant revival in sash windows again.

Sash window south London offers top-quality services at affordable prices. Besides these, the experts educate you regarding the different types of sash windows and which one goes the best with your house.

Many people believe that all the sash windows are somewhat similar. However, when looked closely, there is a hidden difference between each sash window. Here we have mentioned all the famous and most-used types of sash windows.

  1. Double-hung windows

The double-hung windows refer to an unfamiliar style containing two sashes that help slide up and down. This style suits those who wish to give their home a traditional look with a modern touch. Box sash window London installs all the necessary types of sash windows that enhance the beauty of your house. Before choosing any sash window type for your house, consult a professional.

  1. Double-hung with mullions

The double-hung with mullions windows are somewhat similar to double-hung windows. The only difference is the multiple sashes being divided by stiles. Such design is preferable for those who wish to give their house an ultra-traditional look. However, ensure that such window styles go with the surroundings. Traditional windows with a modern look may look odd in some places. You can contact an interior designer or sash window south London for expert opinion.

  1. Slider windows

Slider windows are one of the most common sash styles, with one window unit being fixed and the other widely movable along the sides. Slider windows sashes are the best choice to give your house a modern look while letting in the fresh air. Another best thing about slider windows is that they are budget-friendly. Purchasing and installing them does not burn a hole in your pocket. Contact a reliable and trustworthy service provider to install the sash window without any damage.

  1. Casement windows

In casement window design, one side of the window remains hitched while you can widely open the other like a door style. Out of all the sash window designs, casement windows are the most recommended by the box sash window London. It is highly in demand for bringing in the fresh air inside your room or house. However, there is also a chance that the casement window might break apart in bad weather like a hurricane or a cyclone.

Once you decide on the sash window style, contact a trustable service provider who can install the window sash without damaging any part of your house. Moreover, with these many options, you can easily find the one that suits your house the best. Such a beautiful window sash gives a pleasing look to the overall setup of the house.